Wood Coaster Engraving with a Laser

Wood Coaster Engraving with a Laser
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Free design vector file download for CNC and Laser : Wood Coaster Engraving with a Laser

This Sample Club project was submitted to us by Epilog customer Duncan Crawford of Westminster, MD. Using plywood Duncan created a simple, yet sophisticated coaster set including a handy case in which to store them.

The design is vector-based so it can be resized to fit your needs. Additionally, you can further customize the design to include names, initials or favorite quotations. Read on to learn how we created this fun and profitable gift item.

Materials Needed

  • 18” x 12” sheet of plywood, 1/4” thick.
  • Wood glue
  • Waterproof finish
  • Sandpaper (optional)
  • Wood stain/finish (optional)
  • A Laser System

Thank you to Duncan for sharing his creative design and vision! Have a project you’d like to share in Epilog’s Sample Club? Email Amy Dallman to learn how you can be featured in one of our newsletters!

We used a 40-watt Helix with the following settings: 45% speed, 100% power, 600 dpi for engraving and 20% speed, 100% power, 500 frequency for cutting.

plywood for the coasters in the laser

Insert the plywood into the upper left corner of the engraver. Open the file sc_wooden_coaster_set.cdr and send the job to the laser.

We used finished plywood for this project so there was no sanding or staining involved. If you selected unfinished plywood, you may opt to sand and stain until you reach the look you want.

lasered plywood for coasters

After you pieces have been cut, wipe away any wood residue with a damp cloth. If you used unfinished plywood, now is the time to sand and apply wood stain if you’d like.

After your pieces have dried, apply a coat of waterproof wood finish (this will prevent eventual delamination and water rings.)

assembled coaster box

Now that all of your pieces are ready to go, it’s time to assemble the coaster holder. Using wood glue, adhere the sides to the base of the box and let it dry. Remove any excess glue with a warm, damp cloth. Place the coasters within the holder and you’re all set!

If you are interested in shipping the coaster set, download sc_wooden_coaster_shipping.cdr. This file contains easy instructions for creating paper seperators and box top to avoid damage/scuffing during shipping.

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