Scarabaeus sacer design

Scarabaeus sacer design
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Free design vector, vector file download for CNC and Laser : Scarabaeus sacer design
On this page you can download a Scarabaeus sacer design (or sacred scarab design).  Scarabaeus sacer is a species of dung beetle belonging to the family Scarabaeidae.
Scarabaeus sacer (Scarab), or the scarab beetle, was considered sacred in Ancient Egypt. It was a symbol of the God Khepri, the early morning manifestation of the Sun God Ra. The analogy between the scarab and Khepri developed according to the beetle’s specific ability to roll dung and the role of Khepri to ‘roll the sun across the sky’. To Ancient Egyptians, Khepri was the god of rebirth and the sunrise. He was often represented as a scarab or a scarab-headed man. Even today, for some incomprehensible reason to archaeologists, scarab-shaped amulets were very popular in Ancient Egypt and frequently appear in archaeological excavation sites.
The design, which you can download here, is drawn in stencil technique based on a photograph of a relief piece found in Egypt.