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The files sharing system is completely free, not for profit and not commercial purposes . We want to create for everyone a graphic library of industry. Where you can learn other people experiences and ideas. to create your own style products .

Design files no longer bring value to you, but they are useful for many others . instead of deleting files please send files to us , because you are also interested in their files . Thanks you !

Penguin is the file you will download, the Penguin file is stealthed in the .RAR file to help you download files faster . Please use Winrar software to Extract file ! Penguin file is attached to a code and tested carefully to assure you when downloading Penguin file is correct

F0001405 157.82 KB 11 downloads


The vector file ‘ Penguin’ is a CorelDRAW CDR ( .cdr ) Download file Corel F0001405 .this is the vector files for the CNC machine or Laser machine . You can use this graphic design for commercial with attribution to Please buy a commercial licence for commercial use without attribution.

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