Laser Etching a Glass Beer Mug

Laser Etching a Glass Beer Mug
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Who doesn’t enjoy a cold, tasty beverage? Here we’ll teach you how we engraved these hearty beer mugs with our very own brewery logo. Personalize the name and you’ve got an excellent gift – for yourself or someone else!

Laser engraved glass provides a beautiful, frosted look that works very well to showcase a bar or restaurant name, or a as gift for a friend!

Materials Needed

  • Glass beer mugs – we purchased ours from Discount Mugs.
  • Liquid dishwashing detergent (such as Dawn or Palmolive.)
  • Rotary Attachment
  • An Epilog Laser System

We used a 60-watt Helix with the following settings: 25% speed, 100% power, 600 dpi, and with the Stucki dithering pattern.

  • First, open the file sc_beerglasses.cdr.
  • Personalize the text and/or resize the logo to your liking.
  • Next, install the rotary attachment to your machine.
  • Place the beer mug on the rotary attachment.
  • Situate the mug so the handle is facing down and the opening of the mug is on the left side.
  • When you are satisfied with the design and its placement, apply a thin coating of dishwashing detergent to the mug.
  • NOTE: It is important to use the clip on the rotary attachment for this project as the handle of the mug is heavy and will not turn properly if not secured to the rotary attachment.

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