Laser Engraved and Cut Wood Music Box

Laser Engraved and Cut Wood Music Box
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Make a special keepsake gift for clients or their customers with this unique music box. Essentially you can create any design you want on it or use or the one provided for you. These make excellent little jewelry boxes too if you do not want to add a music player to it. Let your imagination be your guide.

Materials Needed

  • Wood (can be any type)
  • Musical Movements
  • A Laser System

box side

There are six pieces to this music box, which can easily be put together using glue and 1/4″ wood.

box side

Setup the six pieces to fit to the dimensions of the wood you have. This file has been optimized for a piece of 14.5″ x 9″ alder, but you can rearrange the pieces to fit on scrap wood you have around your shop.


You can either use the celtic designs on the music box, or replace them with graphics you prefer. A photograph works well on the lid of the box, or a logo works well too.

music box top

After you engrave and cut the pieces from the wood, you can glue them together. In the graphic t

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