Laser Cutting Custom Drink Stencils

Laser Cutting Custom Drink Stencils
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Free design vector, vector file download for CNC and Laser : Laser Cutting Custom Drink Stencils

Want to add a personal touch to your next party or event? Check out these festive drink stencils for an added bit of fun. Made from simple laserable plastic, these laser cut stencils will make any drink that much better!

Note that these stencils are designed for drinks with whipped cream and/or foam on top. If you try to sprinkle cocoa powder or colored sugar directly into a drink it will dissolve immediately. The added foam or whipped cream gives the decoration something to adhere to.

Materials Needed

  • Laserable plastic or acrylic. Something durable that can withstand a lot of handling/washing.
  • An Epilog Laser System