Laser-Cut Cardstock Candy & Trinket Boxes

Laser-Cut Cardstock Candy & Trinket Boxes
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Free design vector, vector file download for CNC and Laser : Laser-Cut Cardstock Candy & Trinket Boxes

Here we’ll walk you through the steps of creating this cute, easy-to-assemble cardstock candy box. Our design features hearts for Valentine’s Day, but with a quick change of paper or design modification, you can easily re-purpose this file for a variety of events and holidays!

Materials Needed

  • Cardstock – available at most craft stores.
  • An Epilog Laser System.

We used a 50-watt Helix and the Color Mapping feature with the following settings:

Red: 80% speed, 15% power, 2500 frequency
Blue: 80% speed, 15% power, 2500 frequency
Green: 80% speed, 15% power, 300 frequency


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