Laser Cut Acrylic Signage

Laser Cut Acrylic Signage
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The vector files sharing system is completely free, not for profit and not commercial purposes . We want to create for everyone a graphic library of industry. where you can learn from the experiences and design ideas of others . to create your own style products .

Design vector files no longer bring value to you, but they are useful for many others . instead of deleting vector files please send files to us . We will share them on the Amee House system so more people have the opportunity to learn more about your design style . Thanks you !

Laser Cut Acrylic Signage is the free vector file you will download, the Laser Cut Acrylic Signage vector file is stealthed in the .RAR file to help you download files faster . Please use Winrar software to Extract file ! Laser Cut Acrylic Signage vector file is attached to a code and tested carefully to assure you when downloading Laser Cut Acrylic Signage vector file is correct

Note : You are not allowed to download our vector files and resell those vector files to others or share them on another website to make a profit. It is a violation of law and policy of Amee House design association

Free design vector file download for CNC and Laser : Laser Cut Acrylic Signage

Creating signage is one of the most popular applications for Epilog Laser systems. As more and more shop owners will attest, using the laser to create sophisticated, multi-dimensional signage is significantly faster than using traditional sign-making methods.

Here we’re highlighting a basic design for a guest lounge – ideal for use in hotels, airports, etc. This type of signage is easy to recreate – simply find and cut common symbols that correlate with the purpose of a room (we used a chair and martini glass to symbolize a lounge area.) Another example could be used for a business center sign – you could locate graphics of a computer, keyboard, telephone or fax machine. This particular sign is made from a variety of laser cut materials – when combined the elements of plastic, acrylic and laser foil create a clean, simple, yet sophisticated piece of signage.

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